YouTube Stars: Stop Motion Animation

Learn how to make awesome animations with everyday objects.

· March 18, 2020

Animation is the simulation of movement created by showing a series of pictures or frames. We can use stop motion techniques to make objects appear to move. Make your toys, LEGO bricks, pieces of clay, and much more come to life!

Note to parents: You should install Stop Motion Studio Pro (or the free version) on an iOS, Android, or Kindle device before your child starts this course. We will use that app in several lessons.

You will need the following for this course:

  • An iOS, Android, or Kindle device
  • Stop Motion Studio (Free is fine)

After you watch the "Planning an Animation" lesson, you will also need to find the following:

  • Objects to use for your animation
  • A "stage" and backdrop for your animation

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons
  • 5 Topics